Pregnancy Body Stretch Mark Oil 100ml


Pregnancy Body Stretch Mark Oil – This divine essential oil blend by Perfect Potion is sure to support your stretching skin! Safe to use during pregnancy.

Pregnancy can put a lot of strain on the skin around your belly, hips and breasts. It is best to start using a pregnancy stretch mark oil from the moment you find that you are pregnant. Regular Massage with Pregnancy Stretch Mark Oil has been shown to protect skin against new stretch marks from forming.

This natural oil contains only pure plant ingredients, no nasties.

Mandarin oil and Vitamin E has been shown to protect stretching skin from tearing and forming stretch marks. Apricot kernel & avocado oils are rich in naturally occurring Vitamin E and will nourish and support your stretching skin.

This New Bloom Stretching Oil will keep your skin comfortably soft, smooth and supple as it stretches throughout pregnancy.

How to use:

After showering, when your skin is still slightly damp, smooth this nourishing oil over your tummy, breasts and anywhere else that starts to stretch. Apply once or twice a day ensuring your skin feels well-nourished.

May be used as a comforting massage oil throughout pregnancy and after birth to help the skin return to normal.

Embrace the changes in your body as it comes into full bloom and surround yourself with positive and loving thoughts.
Create a calming cocoon for your little one, whilst enriching your growing tummy.
Smooth this ultra-rich body cream over your tummy, breasts and anywhere else that starts to stretch and keep your skin well nourished.

  • A skin-nourishing body oil
  • Keeps skin soft, smooth and supple as it stretches throughout pregnancy
  • Apricot kernel, avocado and mandarin oils enrich and support the skin
  • Helps the skin return to it’s normal elasticity after birth


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