Birth Pool Hire Terms & Conditions

We always supply only the best original liners with our hire pools!

What’s included in your hire?

✔ RETURN DOOR TO DOOR* courier or pick up from Waiuku, Auckland
✔ Professional Birthing Pool
✔ Pool filling & Emptying kit

Birthing pools for hire are only available in New Zealand. You are welcome to purchase additional products for combined shipping with your hire order. If you need the additional items before the pool is sent, please mention this in the “Order Notes” under “Ship to Different address box”.

*Important note about rural deliveries: The couriers are able to deliver to rural addresses, but for returns you would need to drop the pool off at your local depot.

Terms & Conditions for Birthing Pool Hire:

  • Please book your birth pool hire as soon as you are able to avoid disappointment. You can secure your dates by paying a $50 deposit and then paying the remainder at least 2 weeks prior to pool delivery/pick up.
  •  YOU MUST CHECK YOUR HIRE EQUIPMENT UPON RECEIPT. If the pool arrives with anything amiss you agree to notify us immediately & no later than 48hrs after delivery; otherwise it will be accepted that you received it in perfect condition.  Each birthing pool hire kit is thoroughly cleaned, sterilised and checked before being send out to you. You agree to check that everything is in working order & that you have received the correct liner for your pool. The Birth Pool hire kit includes a disposable liner, drinking water quality hose for filling with tap adaptor to fit bathroom or kitchen tap, electric water pump with drainage hose to drain water out, a tarpaulin and an electric air pump. Please read and follow the instruction sheet provided.
  • ​The birth pool hire is for no minimum period and up to 4 weeks maximum period (excludes shipping times) – two weeks prior to EDD and up to two weeks after EDD. We aim to send your pool to be received as early as possible, but if you specifically need more time please check with us.
  • The pool is to be used only for the mum & partner during labour for a home birth or water birth, it is not to be used as a paddling pool for kids/pets.
  • The pool must be inflated only with the air-pump we provide, following the Instruction Sheet provided. DO NOT inflate the birth pool with a compressor or high pressure pump. Over inflation is a major cause of leaks in birthing pools, inflating to full hardness can damage the seals.
  • Do not use a heating device in the pool. No water heaters are to be used in inflatable birth pools. There is a risk of melting the wall of the pool, creating a hole in the pool and posing significant risk of shock.
  • Returning the pool – We will provide you with a Return Shipping Address Label once your hire is about to finish. You will need dry and repack the pool for our courier to collect once you have had your baby. For Return Shipping please contact us to arrange courier collection as soon as possible after your baby’s arrival and no later than the 4 week maximum hire-age period date. Return shipping is to be sent back from the same address the pool is delivered to, unless otherwise agreed by us.
  • If the pool is returned in a damaged/dirty/wet condition or any items are missing from the pool kit; you agree to pay the cost price & admin costs if applicable for replacing/repairing/cleaning that is required. 
  • Cancellations & Refunds – if you need to cancel your booking please do so at the earliest convenience. Please note that a $50 non-refundable booking fee applies to your hire. Unfortunately we cannot make refunds once a pool is sent or collected. If for any reason you need to cancel your hire there is no refund once pool hire kit has been sent or collected. There is no refunds for products which you ordered with your pool once sent. If you wish to return Birth Pool Hire specific product My Anchor, Debris net & Fitted Covers we can provide you with a store credit provided products are sealed in their original packaging. Liners are a part of your kit hire. If there is a problem with any of the equipment sent to you with your hire you must notify us within 48hrs of receipt so that we may rectify the situation. No refunds will be made after this time.
  • Always check with your LMC before using a birthing pool or any other equipment during your labour and birth. ​You agree that Wondermum including all partners and employees will not be held responsible for any death, accidents, injuries or damage to persons&/property relating to the use or misuse of any of our products including the birth pools.

Avoiding damage to the pool:

​Things that can damage your pool include, but are not limited to:

  • Over inflating the pool.  This causes undue stress on the seams/valves and can cause them to split.  The air pressure of your pool will increase once it is filled with water making the walls of the pool much more firm and sturdy, so please do not inflate your pool so much that the walls are ‘hard’ before water is added as this will cause too much pressure on the seams/valves.
  • Using the pool on scratchy or rough surfaces such as rough concrete floors.  Please use a blanket (or similar) between any rough surface, and the pool to avoid punctures.
  • Pointy or sharp objects in or around the pool such as: pens, pencils, children’s toys, jewellery, cats, dogs.
  • Please do not use your pool outside, and do not let children/pets play in / around it.

Additional charges may apply if:

  • There is any damage to the pool.
  • The pool is returned in a dirty & wet condition
  • You have used the pool without the provided liner.
  • The pool kit is returned with missing pieces (hoses, tap adaptors, pump, pool valves etc).
  • You have used the BLUE filling hose to empty the pool after use (you must only use the grey/green emptying hose to empty the pool after use)

These terms and conditions may periodically be updated or altered. In such an event the new terms and conditions will be listed here.