What is Wondermum & Birth Pool Hire NZ and what can you offer me as an expectant or new mother??

Wondermum is a one of a kind small Kiwi owned business owned by a Naturopath who is also a mother to 2 young children. We are the proud sole supplier/distributor of Birthing Pools for New Zealand. We stock the Eco La Bassine Birthing Pool, the La Bassine Maxi Birth Pool and the Birth Pool in a Box as well as the Professional Pools.

As part of our birth pool business we offer pool hire to all of New Zealand and we are the only hire company that we know of to supply only the best original custom fitted non-toxic liners with each and every single hire!

Our awesome range includes:

We offer Free shipping on orders over $80 (excludes birth pools hire). You can find more information on shipping and birth pool hire terms & conditions here.

Birthing Pools are the obvious choice for labour pain relief during a home birth or water birth. We have birthing pools for hire & for sale. You can pick up your pool in Auckland or have it send by return courier in the North & South Island of New Zealand. We also have kits & accessories available that include everything you may need for your home & water birth. We have birth pool liners, birth pool covers, drinking water quality filling hoses, emptying hoses, air pumps, water pumps, bath thermometers, debris nets and puncture kits.

In our Natural Birth & Labour Support section we have aromatherapy oils to encourage your labour to start which includes Clary Sage oil. As well as Birth Time Calm aromatherapy oils & Bach Flower Remedy spray to enhance relaxation and prevent birth time anxiety in the mum & support people. There is perineum care cream to use for peritoneal pre-birth massage, as well as after birth to encourage healing of your perineum and vaginal areas. Lifestream Natural Magnesium and Natural Calcium supplements are useful to encourage optimum nutritional status during pregnancy, as these minerals are absolutely vital for ensuring efficient labour contractions.

In our Stretch Mark Solution section there is a range of stretch mark creams and oils available to choose from. Read more about preventing and treating stretch marks in our article below. The creams on offer  contain the various herbs & vitamins that have been shown to be effective in reducing and treating stretch marks. I especially love the Perfect Potion New Bloom Pregnancy Body Cream.

The New Mum Gift Set section contain various fabulous gifts for the pregnant, expecting and new mum including Absolute Essential Maternity Body Essentials Gift Set. New mums love this NZ made and all organic essential oils gift set that supports pregnancy, birth and post-natal health. The Medicine Woman Magical products are from Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber’s collection of Magical Gifts; exclusive & divine! Mums may also appreciate a gift voucher for our store, so they can choose their own products. A Consult our Naturopath Voucher would make a useful gift for a health conscious mum or mum-to-be.

You can find a variety of products in the Natural Face Care and Natural Bath and Body products section. Current brands include Perfect Potion, Absolute Essential Therapeutic Plant Oils, Medicine Woman and Qsilica products. We make every effort to supply quality New Zealand made and organic products where available. Our products range is forever expanding, so be sure to check in from time to time to see what is new or sign up for our newsletter to be notified of new products.

The Lotions & Potions section of our store contains various, well, Lotions & Potions! Of interest may be the Absolute Essential Breast Care cream. This cream is useful for treating and preventing mastitis, comfort for sore nipples, general breastfeeding support, nipple conditioning during pregnancy and also for maintaining the youthfulness and beauty of your breasts. The Absolute Essential Body Tone Lotion is good for reducing fluid retention, supporting a smooth and supple skin and moisturising dry skin. For pregnancy heartburn and indigestion I recommend Lifestream digestive enzymes. Lifestream Bowel Biotics together with lots of water, is good for alleviating constipation, a common pregnancy complaint. As far as herbal formulas go, I love the Kiwiherb range as they are a pure New Zealand made range with quality products you can trust. Kiwiherb Echinature Immune Support is one of the few safe herbal formulas available to pregnant and breastfeeding mums who are unwell with a cold/flu, or other immune system problem such as frequent urinary tract infections. 

In Nutritional Supplements you can find all commonly recommended nutritional supplements that are beneficial during pregnancy and breastfeeding. An absolute must for pregnant and breastfeeding mums is the Efamol Mother & Baby, a very pure Omega 3 and DHA supplement for optimum brain development. Taken along with a Multi vitamin to ensure adequate nutritional status and a Probiotic Supplement for allergy prevention and healthy immune function, you know that you have all bases covered for a healthy baby. If you are keen on using only natural whole food supplements, Spirulina is a good natural multi-vitamin alternative.

I have added the Solutions for Common Pregnancy Complaints section to our store, so that you can easily locate popular, effective naturopathic and nutritional remedies for issues such as insomnia, fluid retention, birth & labour anxiety/fear, leg & muscle cramps, itchy & sore skin, cracked heels, swollen feet, frequent infections such as urinary tract infections & cold/flu, high blood pressure, or dizziness, constipation and heart burn. If your problems are more complex or you would prefer more specific advice a Naturopath Consult would be the way to go. Remember to always mention any pregnancy concerns to your LMC so that she can rule out any possible underlying conditions, and also consult with your LMC before taking any medications or supplements during pregnancy & breastfeeding.

NEW!!! Pregnancy Belly Support, Postnatal Belly Binding Wraps and Postnatal Hip Reduction/Support available soon. What are the benefits of Belly Binding? 

    ~Gives support to the womb after birth 
    ~Speeds up the healing process of the uterus and provides a cleansing of blood clots  
    ~Helps to reduce common back and shoulder pain associated with nursing by improving posture  
    ~Helps to tone up your abdominal muscles and shape your hips after childbirth  
    ~Relieves muscular and tendon tension throughout the torso  
    ~Relieves water retention  
    ~Accelerates fat burning  
    ~Improves circulation  
    ~Excellent support after surgical births 
    ~Provides comfort for anxiety  

Another product to keep your eyes peeled for is the Smart Balls Pelvic Health Support and a wonderful book (and the only book I absolutely recommend) on babies “Colic and other sleep secrets” by an Australian Midwife. You can read more about Colic and other sleep secrets” here.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries, questions or comments about our products or our site! If there is anything you are after that is not listed on our site, please let me know as we have access to many more products than is listed here.

All the best for your healthy, happy pregnancy and empowering birth!

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