What do I need for my Home Birth?

What do I need for my home birth?

In our opinion the most important consideration for your home birth is a Birth Pool (after a superstar midwife, of course!)

If you are considering hiring a birthing pool to help you cope with labour naturally, you have come to the right place. Wondermum’s birth pool hire comes with everything you need for your water birth.

Your birth pool kit comes with:

what do i need for my home birth besides a birth pool? home birth water birth kit

What else will I need for my homebirth?‚Äč

what do i need in my home birth space

Keep these items ready to go in your dedicated birthing area:

  • Comfortable clothing such as large t-shirts/dress & robe
  • Buckets for putting hot water into pool or removing a little if overfilled (Pots or kettle can be used for an instant heat boost)
  • Box of tissues or soft toilet paper
  • Heat packs, cold packs, flower essences, homeopathic remedies or aromatherapy (& oil diffuser) for birth relief
  • Tarpaulin – can be used under your birth pool or as a separate birthing mat
  • Birth & labour massage oil
  • Lip balm for dry lips
  • Music & play list
  • Camera & charger
  • Drinks & snacks for the mother & support people (ice blocks are popular during labour
  • A bucket for possible vomiting
  • Ice
  • Fan or Heater to cool/heat room depending on weather
  • Towels & face cloths (preferably old ones)
  • Method for warming these such as a dryer or oil heater
  • A mirror if you want to see yourself giving birth
  • 2 rubbish bags for linen & rubbish
  • Container for placenta
  • Baby clothing, nappies & baby blankets
  • 2+ pack of large maternity pads & perineum healing serum
  • Nipple cream for when your milk comes in at day 2-4
  • Child minder for older children (this is important even if you plan to have your kids present for the birth as children can get bored/tired/distracting and will need a dedicated person to look after them)

For more inspiration & ideas:

Read some amazing home birth stories here. How you birth matters: it affects bonding, breastfeeding, relationships, confidence and it affects a woman for the rest of her life. Planning a home birth or a water birth is a good first step to make sure you are in a positive supportive environment and prepared for a positive birth experience. Even if you are unable to birth at home or in the water, make sure to arm yourself first with a great midwife and secondly with knowledge so that you may still have a good birthing experience. Your

Birth your way!