Rachel from Shea Nurture talks about:
Mental preparation = a Positive Birthing experience

Rachel from Shea Nurture talks about:
Mental preparation = a Positive Birthing experience

When I was pregnant a Mama friend of mine asked me if I had a birthing plan – as a very organised person I said “Yes of course!”, my friend replied “Well that’s good but just remember plans can change completely”

My Birthing Plan
My plan was to go to a lovely birthing suite and have a very natural FEAR FREE birth, with essential oils in a diffuser, while meditation music played, using Yoga breathing to keep focused, with my husband reassuring me with things we had learnt in Hypnobirthing and having a calm and beautiful water birth.

Reality Birthing Experience
Cut to what actually happened – My daughter Lily couldn’t move into birthing position and after seeing the Obstetrician and suddenly having high blood pressure I was booked in the next day for a Caesarean section. 
My brain went haywire, I went into overdrive trying to figure out how I could at least have some of the things I wanted for this birth.
So here’s what I did: I asked the midwife if we could still play my music while having a Caesarean, Yes! I thought about how I would keep calm – I could still do Yoga breathing and use some Hypnobirthing techniques to chill my brain out. 
Despite pain killers being put in the wrong place and feeling the epidural go in, despite being in a surgery room full of doctors and having difficulty getting Lily out (her little head was stuck under my ribs), she also needed oxygen from the shock of being yanked out—through all of this I did Yoga breathing and Hypnobirthing techniques to remain calm and focused, all while my meditation music played in the background.
My very experienced surgeon told me afterwards that she had never performed such a calm and chilled out Caesarean section!

From the moment I saw Lily start breathing on her own, everything melted away and I fell in love. I had made the birthing experience my own and I have good memories from that day.

Mental Preparation is Key to a successful Birth
I learnt so much from my birthing experience – I see I was both naive and had planned poorly, because I real plan is one that can move and is not static. If you can create a birthing plan that looks at all possible outcomes you can MENTALLY PREPARE! 
Being fearful and unprepared is never going to be good for what ever way you end up birthing and sometimes your birthing experience is not what you planned or hoped for, which can lead to feelings of disappointment and disillusionment. 

Create a Real Birthing Plan – with A, B and C Options
Big advice from a Mama who knows: Birthing plans should not be one set goal, include some possible changes on the day – What if you need a cesarean? What if you can’t water birth? What if the labour goes too long and intervention is required? Think about these things and make a plan for what if. That way birthing is a lot less scary when things change – Go to plan B or C!

I wish for you a great birthing experience whatever the day holds and remember:
Mental Preparation = A Positive Birthing Experience

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