UltraBiotic Pregnancy Care


Bioceuticals Ultrabiotic pregnancy care is a specially developed probiotic for pregnancy & breastfeeding. Taking probiotics during pregnancy is strongly recommend. Probiotics will help prevent and treat pregnancy urinary tract infections. Most importantly it will help protect your baby from developing allergies. The number of children suffering from all sorts of allergic conditions ranging from eczema, asthma and anaphylaxis food reactions, are on the rise. Studies are consistently showing that taking a probiotic supplement during pregnancy and for the first 2 years of life greatly reduces your child’s risk of developing these allergic conditions.

Seven probiotic strains and 35 billion CFU

  • In conjunction with dietary counselling, probiotics may help to maintain normal healthy glucose levels in women who have a normal blood glucose level during and after pregnancy.
  • Contains L. rhamnosus, which can influence the microbiota development in infants when given to pregnant women in late pregnancy and during breastfeeding.
  • Maternal ingestion of probiotics may have a positive effect on infants’ health, such as decreasing the incidence of mild atopic dermatitis/allergy symptoms in children in their first years of life.

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30 Capsules, 60 Capsules


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