Rest & Quiet Calm 25ml SPRAY (alcohol free rescue remedy)


Rest & Quiet Calm 25ml SPRAY (alcohol free rescue remedy) is a very useful remedy for pre-birth jitters whilst pregnant or during birth to soothe away all stress and anxiety. Use as often as needed during the birth by the mum-to-be and her birth partner. Many home-birthing or natural birth mothers recommend Rescue Remedy for it’s calming effect. Even in the event of an emergency or complications Rescue Remedy can help the mother and support person to remain in a calm & trusting birthing space.

Created from Dr Bach’s original writing using his same method & potency, the RestQ range provides unique & complex formulas using Dr Bach’s original flower remedies.

Each unique formula is designed to support a restful & quiet mind in an increasingly busy world.

The RestQ Range is ….

  • Alcohol Free
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Made using Dr Bach’s original potency & method
  • Convenient “ready to use” formats
  • Complex formulas specially developed to support the three dominant emotional need states
  • Australian made & owned, using licensed mother tincture from the UK

The RestQ Calm Formula is a special combination of 8 Bach Flower Remedies, to help calm the mind and soothe nerves.

  • Rock Rose – panic & terror
  • Impatiens – impatience
  • Clematis – lack of interest in the present
  • Cherry Plum – fear of losing control
  • Star of Bethlehem – shock, loss or grief


  • Aspen fear & anxiety of unknown origin
  • Mimulus fear of known things
  • White Chestnut unwanted thoughts


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