Pregnancy Pillow Belly Wedge


This gorgeous, squidgy pregnancy pillow gently lifts your belly into a neutral position while side sleeping to stop that dragging feeling. It also prevents you from rolling forwards, twisting your spine and thus giving you relief from low back pain. You’ll be set for the most comfortable night’s sleep.

Laying on your back from 22 weeks of pregnancy will restrict blood flow for yourself and your growing baby. This is because the weight of the belly compresses the main vein that runs up your spine. Since your blood volume and density is 40-50% higher during pregnancy, it’s important to lie on your side to keep you and your baby healthy. Your uterus has ligaments that attach to the base of your spine which can pull when lying on your side and unsupported.

The best pregnancy sleeping position is side lying… For the ultimate comfort our side sleeping pillows will give you exactly what you need.

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* We do not recommend lying on your front or back during pregnancy for the comfort and safety of you and your unborn baby.


Moroccan white/grey OR Moroccan White/Turquoise

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