Postpartum Bamboo Belly Belt Wrap


Postpartum Bamboo Belly Wrap for post-natal abdominal binding. A modern accessory based on traditional methods of belly wrapping, to help tighten your belly after pregnancy.  Also use to support your back, weak abdomen, and correct posture.

The ancient practice of belly wrapping is one that contemporary mums are rediscovering as a safe and effective way to help firm and flatten your post-pregnancy tummy, with the added benefit of extra support for your back and posture.

Working on the principle that constant and increased pressure against the abdominal area assists your swollen uterus to shrink back to pre-pregnancy size, as well as keeping any wobbly bits firmly in place, the Belly Wrap aids in getting your post-baby body back into shape quickly and naturally.  Also supports your tender post-pregnancy belly muscles as they tighten and regain strength.

Not to be used during pregnancy.  The Belly Wrap works best when worn day and night for the first 16+ weeks post-birth, though will still provide support for back, weak abdomen and posture at any stage.   Made firm yet soft to help contour, with no rigid boning, and velcro-adjustable to wrap tighter as you need.

These measurements are for the size of the actual Belly Wrap.  After pregnancy measure around your belly button, and see which size range you fit into. If you are on the cusp of two sizes, then choose the smaller option.

The torso height is 22cm 

Size S (10) – Minimum width when tightened – 66cm, adjustable out to 100cm

Size M (12) – Minimum width when tightened – 80cm, adjustable out to 110cm

Size L (14) – Minimum width when tightened – 86cm, adjustable out to 120cm

Size XL (16) – Minimum width when tightened – 100cm, adjustable out to 130cm

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Black, Natural


L – 100cm, M – 90cm, S – 80cm, XL – 110cm


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