New Mum’s Pamper Pack Aromatherapy Gift Set


Three luxury organic products made with therapeutic blending to support body & mood changes following pregnancy & birth. Presented in a beautiful, practical box made from Nepalese Lokta-bush paper (thus supporting traditional hand-craft and sustainable forest enterprise in recovering earthquake communities).

Morning Sickness & Digestion
Morning Balance is a completely natural botanical blend with specific balancing properties to gently ease the way. Cleansing tones to restore senses to equilibrium. Apply 1 drop to Solar Plexus up to 6x daily to aid in countering motion & morning sickness and aid digestion.

Stress Management & Relaxation
Mild and soft, Sweet Rose is designed to help quiet the mind and gently counter tension & emotional strain. Fills your space with light, joyful tones that will resonate a sense of inner peace and well-being. Diffuse or add to bath: 5-10 drops, replenish as required, use as perfume on pulse points, or mix 4 drops in 1 teaspoon of Pure Unscented Body Oil, Cream or Lotion for a soothing massage.

Emotional Lows & Humour
Keep Lift Lift on hand for those challenging moments of heavy energy, sadness and emotional lows. Uplifts and calms while supporting a positive outlook and healthy balance. Ideal for diffusion, perfume, in the bath or blended with Pure Unscented Body Cream for massage.


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