Maternity Relaxing Massage Balm 100ml by Absolute Essential


Deep Relaxation & Sleep, Stress Management, Massage. Use during pregnancy, labour and after birth as a massage balm.

Botanical Name or Ingredients
Absolute Massage Cream (organic), Beeswax (organic), Shea Butter (organic), Cocoa Butter (organic), Orange Sweet (organic), Lavender Sweet (organic), Cedarwood Atlas (organic), Marjoram French (organic), Sandalwood Australian, Chamomile Roman (organic).

Soothing, nourishing & silky smooth. Supports natural muscle relaxation & promotes deep sleep. Use as required. Contains: Beeswax*, Shea Butter*, Cocoa Butter*, Orange*, Lavender*, Cedarwood*, Marjoram*, Sandalwood, Chamomile* in Absolute Massage Cream*.

Sleep Enhancer -May assist in inducing good quality sleep.

Relaxation -The Relaxing body balm is for you if you need to seriously unwind after your day.

Stress Management -Relieves stress, positively enhanced by its soothing scent & smooth texture.

Unwinding Maximised -A soothing aromatic body balm that helps your stress melt away.


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