Maternity Balance & Birth Essential Oils Gift Set


Morning Balance (organic) 10ml, Birth Time Calm (organic) 5ml, Maternity Labour Support (organic) 5ml

Share your delight at the news with a gift of nature to accompany you on this amazing journey. Absolute Essential has selected 3 pure essential oil blends, carefully formulated to assist maternal balance and natural delivery. Morning Balance (organic), Birth Time Calm (organic) and Maternity Labour Support (organic) can be used to support a natural experience for nature’s most precious cargo. Absolutely pure and baby-safe. Each Pure Blend is also available separately.


  • Natural Birth
    Each of these products is absolutely pure and natural. Safe, medicinal plant blends with expert crafting to offer specific molecular properties that naturally aid relaxation, calm, pain management and body balance.
  • Morning and Motion Sickness
    Morning Balance has fresh, cleansing tones and tonic, balancing qualities. A safe natural response to nausea during pregnancy.
  • Labour Support
    Labour Support is a safe, no-drug response to help ease lower back tensions during labour.
  • Post Natal
  • Assist with a relaxed environment for confident postnatal care.

Main Components

  • Maternity Morning Balance (organic) 10ml
    Has powerful cleansing and balancing qualities to offer gentle help with feelings of sickness that generally hit in the mornings of the first trimester, also helps with sensitivity to travel.
  • Birth Time Calm (organic) 5ml
    Uses relaxant, balancing properties to support prenatal relaxation, a calm birth environment and smooth postnatal transition.
  • Maternity Labour Support (organic) 5ml
    Contains potent relaxing and restorative oils to offer a natural synergy for painful tensions in the lower back during birth, may also be used for prenatal aches.

Safety Considerations

These blends are professionally designed for use during pregnancy and nursing and are very safe if applied as directed. Pure Blends should not be used on baby skin. If ingested: drink milk, consult a health specialist. Avoid contact with eyes: flush with water. Keep out of reach of children.


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