La Bassine Pro Birth Pool HIRE


This is the Professional La Bassine Made in Water Birthing Pool (as seen on Shortland Street!)

Only Wondermum’s PROFESSIONAL hire pools come with an Non-Toxic, original and fitted liner. Our liners are Eco-friendly and FREE OF BPA, Lead, cadmium & heavy metals, latex free and they also meet the EU standards concerning phthalates. They will not bunch and cause discomfort & irritation during your labour. Most of all they are a SAFE choice for you and your baby.


✔ Return courier to & from your doorstep – NZ Wide*
✔ PROFESSIONAL La Bassine Made in Water Birthing Pool
✔ Original liner (retail value of $84.50)
✔ Pool filling & Emptying kit

You may like to add a Fitted Cover, bath thermometer & debris net to your order (these items are sold separately for hygiene reasons)

The Filling & Emptying Kit included in your hire comes with:

  • 5 metres Drinking water quality hose for filling your birth pool with pure water
  • Sink tap adaptor with multiple fittings
  • Electric airpump for inflating and deflating your birth pool
  • Submersible water pump with
  • Fitted drainage hose for easy emptying after the birth

We offer birth pool hire of the popular La Bassine for your home birth or water birth of your baby. This birthing pool is provided clean and sterilised and is made from a special vinyl that is Eco-friendly and non-toxic. It is slightly smaller than the Birth Pool in a Box Regular & thus easier on your hot water cylinder (comparable to the Birth Pool in a Box MINI pool).

It is super sturdy so you can have a support person sit on the side, and extra deep for a wonderful feeling of buoyancy that supports and eases your labour. There are conveniently placed handles on the inside, which gives you extra grip area for changing position or holding onto during second stage. The floor is fully inflatable, so you don’t have to worry about being on your knees for long periods.

A birth pool can be used if you are birthing at home or in the hospital/birth centre. You may use a birthing pool during labour at home to deeply relax and encourage contractions, as well as provide excellent natural pain relief for your labour. Being in water may be useful during a stalled labour if this is due to stress or anxiety. At times the change from water to air can be of benefit in getting things to move along.

  • Measures External – 165cm X 135cm X 65cm
  • Internal – 125 cm x 95 cm
  • Holds 450 litres of water

Click here for full specifications of La Bassine Birthing Pool.

Please indicate your Due Date &/ Preferred Hire dates in the “Order Notes” on the right side of ‘Check Out’ Page. By default hire period is a maximum of 4 weeks (not including courier times) from 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after your due date, with no minimum period. We send pools earlier where possible and can extend your times if needed, please let us know.

Your hire includes courier to and from your address (if you are rural there is a local courier drop off point which we will advise for return), but you are also welcome to pick up in Waiuku, Auckland.

Please see Terms & Conditions for Birth Pool Hire, by hiring our La Bassine Birth Pool you agree to these terms & conditions


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