Good Health Coconut Oil 1L


Good Health Coconut Oil – Organic extra virgin
is extracted from fresh organically grown coconuts. It is cold pressed and certified organic to preserve its nutritional goodness and flavour.

This oil can be used all over your body for skin suppleness and immunity. During pregnancy to prevent stretch marks and during breastfeeding to support breast health. You can also consume the oil with food for skin and digestive health. It is even good used as a hair oil or intensive moisture treatment for dry skin all over your face and body. Coconut oil is a powerful anti-fungal agent and is really useful for Candida and Thrush infection (including skin, oral and vaginal). Use internally and externally for maximum benefit.5

It is a popular choice in healthy cooking as it still retains its goodness at high temperatures unlike many other oils. Coconut oil has a mild and smooth taste and aroma which enhances anything that you add it to. Most of the health benefits of Organic Coconut Oil are attributable to its high content of the Medium Chain Triglycerides/Fatty Acids (MCTs), mainly Lauric Acid ( 50% ).  


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