Foot & Ankle Balm 100ml – Absolute Essential


Foot & Ankle balm containing peppermint essential oil for use on sore, achy & swollen feet and ankles so common during pregnancy.

Soothing & cooling, Cracked Heals, Dry Feet, Athlete’s Foot, Smelly Feet.

Botanical Name or Ingredients
Absolute Massage Cream (organic), Shea Butter (organic), Beeswax (organic), Lemon (organic), Cypress (organic), Tea Tree (organic), Cinnamon Leaf (organic), Peppermint (organic), Patchouli (organic).

Refreshing, deodorizing balm. Helps natural recovery in dry, cracked heels, & provides protection against fungal infection. Use as often as required.

Contains organic: Shea Butter*, Beeswax*, Lemon*, Cypress*, Tea Tree*, Cinnamon*, Peppermint*, Patchouli* in Absolute Massage Cream*.


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