Fitted Clear Cover for Birth Pool in a Box


This is our third-generation cover for Birth Pool in a Box, incorporating all we have learned from thousands of uses..

So we went back to fundamentals and concluded that: The great majority of heat lost from a birthing pool is from evaporation of water, not conduction or radiation. A basic securing mechanism is essential and for safety, being able to see through the cover while attached.

Enhances safety The new ClearFit Cover for Birth Pool in a Box fits the bill: It is colourless, allowing objects and water level to be seen and estimated. It forms a seal over the pool and liner eliminating evaporation during filling and at other times the woman is not in the pool. It fits snugly over the top chamber of the pool, with holes over the 4 outside handles that keep it in place.

This cover will fit the Birth Pool in a Box and also the Birth Pool in a Box Professional.

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