Birth Pool Filling Kit


This is the basic birth pool filling kit and includes the very essentials you need to use your birthing pool for your water or home birth.

The Kit includes:

  • 5m Drinking water quality hose
  • Sink tap adaptor
  • Electric airpump
  • Bath thermometer

For easy inflation the air-pump has 3 different sized nozzles which can also be used to deflate your pool after use. Once your pool is inflated use the tap adaptors to fit the filling hose to your tap and fill the pool with confidence, knowing only pure drinking quality water is coming through the hose and into your birthing pool.

The bath thermometer will help you regulate the water to the right temperature. Once mum and baby is done with the birth pool, you can use any hose to syphon the water out of your birth pool!

If you wish to purchase any individual items from this kit or longer hoses, please contact us for a quote.


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10m hoses, 5m hoses


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