Birth Pool Filling & Emptying Kit


This is the full birth pool kit and includes everything you could need for use with your birthing pool.

The Kit includes:

  • 5 metres Drinking water quality hose for filling your birth pool with pure water
  • Sink tap adaptor with multiple fittings
  • Electric airpump for inflating and deflating your birth pool
  • Submersible water pump with
  • Fitted drainage hose for easy peasy emptying after the birth
  • Taurpaulin to be used under or around your pool
  • Debris net
  • Bath thermometer

The tarpaulin can be used under or around your birth pool to prevent spills and protect your floor surface. The easy to use air pump comes with 3 attachments to fill and deflate your birth pool fast. Our kits include 5m long hoses so you are able to reach your pool set up easily.

Once your pool is inflated use the tap adaptors to fit the filling hose to your tap and fill the pool with confidence, knowing only pure drinking quality water is coming through the hose and into your pool. Our comprehensive tap adaptor kits fit almost any tap to ensure a good fit with minimal leakage and maximum water pressure to fill your birth pool.

The bath thermometer will help you regulate the water to the right temperature. For any accidental debris you can use the net to scoop it out.

The full accessory kit contains a water pump with debris hose, so that your partner can easily empty the birth pool after the birth, allowing him to spend the most precious time with you and your newborn baby.

If you wish to purchase any individual items from this kit or longer hoses, please contact us for a quote.


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10m hoses, 5m hoses


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