Birth & Labour Massage Oil 100ml by Perfect Potion


Perfect Potion Full Bloom Labour preparation Birthing Oil – For a timely and easier birth!

Use this oil from two weeks prior to your due date to encourage a timely start to your labour. This delicate, uplifting massage oil is very nurturing when used to massage the birthing mother during labour. The pure essential oils used in this blend have traditionally been used for centuries by women preparing for birth and was believed to encourage regular effective contractions during labour.

A comforting and uplifting massage oil ideal to have on hand in the labour room. Make sure to have this blend in your hospital bag!

How to use:

  • Have your birthing partner massage this oil over your lower back and abdomen during labour.
  • You may also begin using this massage oil up to two weeks prior to the due birth date to encourage a timely labour.

Made with pure essential oils of Jasmine, Clary Sage and Lavender to assist  and ease you into surrendering to the birthing process.


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