Arnica Plus 20ml


For the relief of the symptoms of muscle or nerve pain & injury. Arnica is a useful traditional remedy after shock, trauma or injury and can be used after birth to assist healing on all levels. Hypericum is useful for nerve injury. This combination supports on all levels to recuperate from the trauma of birth or surgery. Homeopathic remedies are safe to use during breastfeeding.

Arnica + contains:

  • Arnica mont LM3, LM30, 200c
  • Rhus tox LM3, LM30, 200c
  • Hypericum LM3, LM30, 200c
  • Ledum pal LM3, LM30, 200c
  • Ruta grav LM3, LM30, 200c
  • Bellis perenis LM3, LM30, 200c
  • Calendula LM3, LM30, 200c
  • Gnaphalium LM3, LM30, 200c
  • Tramadol 12c


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