Absolute Essential Rose Hip Oil (organic) 25ml


Rosehip oil is a very popular natural skin care product. High in natural antioxidants and nourishing Vitamin E, many pregnant mums have found it especially soothing, protective and nourishing on their changing facial and body skin. If you have dry, sensitive or more mature skin you may wish to consider using only pure Rosehip oil on your face and body during pregnancy to protect against stretch marks and scars.

Certified organic and exceptionally pure, this wonderfully fine, nourishing oil supports the skin’s natural rejuvenation and may be used to encourage a soft youthful complexion. It feeds the skin tissues and supports natural elasticity. With regular use, physical benefits are visible and it may be especially useful to older or dry skin. It is recommended for the sensitive areas under the eyes or to assist the natural rejuvenation of damaged skin or scarring.


  • Skin Rejuvenation
    The tonic and curative properties of this oil can assist natural healing in a range of skin complaints. It is especially beneficial to dry, dull and sun damaged skin. Apply 5-10 drops daily after cleansing.
  • Mature Skin
    To promote a more youthful complexion and feed revitalising oils to the skin, apply 5-10 drops to the face daily after cleansing.
  • Sensitive Skin
    This very fine oil is particularly suited to the sensitive areas under the eyes or to assist with the natural reparation of damaged skin.
  • Black Rings (under eye)
    Rosehip oil helps to condition fine, delicate skin and may prove useful against black rings under the eyes – caused by allergies, stress, or lack of sleep. Apply 2-3 drops at bedtime after cleansing with Rose Floral Water.
  • Stretch marks and Scarring – may protect and heal stretch marks and scarring.

Rosa rubiginosa / mosqueta, virgin cold pressed, fruit, Certified Organic, Chile.

Traditional & Historical Information

Rose hip tea has been used since ancient times in northern Europe and South America while rose hip oil was highly sought after by the Incas for its regenerative qualities. The oil has since been discovered to have a high accumulation of unsaturated essential fatty acids and has been shown to help restore and maintain healthy skin, elasticity and youthful looks. It has also been used to assist the healing of eczema, acne, bed sores, slow healing wounds and scar tissue.
Safety Considerations
Very Safe
Please note:
Therapeutic plant oils are used to support natural body process for optimum health and wellbeing. The information here is NOT meant as recommendation for cure of any medical condition or disease.

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