5 Pack La Bassine Liners – Original


This is for a 5 pack of La Bassine Liners.

Specially made, perfectly fitted and Eco-friendly La Bassine Birth Pool Liners. Why you should use only the original, non-toxic liners for your home births..

These liners will fit a La Bassine Regular pool sized:

  • Measures External – 165cm X 135cm X 65cm
  • Internal – 125 cm x 95 cm
  • Holds 450 litres of water

The use of a liner is not mandatory, although it is recommended, when using a brand new pool for the first time.
But it is vital for subsequent uses.  No matter how diligently you clean the pool after use; there is still the risk of contamination. A new liner will eliminate that risk.

  • It also makes clean-up far easier, as the liner is disposable.
  • Our custom made liners fit generously over the top of the pool and down the outside.
  • Additionally, as the liner itself is 0.22mm thick it strengthens your pool even more.
  • There are pockets for your hands, built into each liner, which fit through each of the two inside handles.

When fitting the liner, first ensure that the pockets line up with the handles.  Feed the pockets through the handles by pulling them so the opening is in line with the handles.

When you are in the pool, simply insert your hands into the pockets to hold the handles.

This is the original eco-friendly shaped liners for the La Bassine Birthing Pool and it will fit both the Regular 
and Professional La Bassine.

These liners fit the La Bassine Birth Pool and also the La Bassine Professional Birth Pool. PLEASE ENSURE YOU ARE ORDERING THE CORRECT LINERS FOR YOUR POOL.

La Bassine is recommended all over the world by hospitals, midwives and doulas, for its practical features, lead, cadmium and phthalates free material, and above all its unique cocoon like design. We know how important it is to you that your new baby arrives into a completely safe environment. This is why all our products are designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards, using only materials which meet, or exceed all EU safety, health and environmental requirements. Our pools are used by hospitals, midwives and doulas throughout the world. No other birthing pool available is manufactured to a higher standard of health and safety, than La Bassine.

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