Eco-friendly and Non-toxic Original custom fitted birth pool liners

Why should I get an original liner over a generic liner or a painters’ plastic sheeting? There are hidden dangers to using cheap liners or sheets
n your birthing pool. You should ALWAYS use a new original liner for every time you birth or labour in a birthing pool.

So what makes an original liner better?
What is the difference in using a generic or original liner in my birthing pool?
Why is it best to use an original fitted birth pool liner for my home birth?
You may be wondering if you should just get the cheap generic liner or cheaper still use a painters’ plastic sheeting in your birth pool.

Wondermum recommends and stocks only the Original liners and
​we include Original liners in all of our birth pool hires. All our liners are:

Material: 0.20mm eco PVC meeting EU regulations on maximum phthalate content of toys.
Free from cadmium, lead, and latex. BPA Free


Here is why you should only ever use an original fitted liner for your water birth:

  • The Toxic Chemicals Factor:  Most generic liners (and most certainly plastic sheeting!) are not food/human grade and usually contain a mixture of phthalates, cadmium, lead, latex and more. Original liners are made for the purpose of birthing, but generic liners are purely manufactured to be cheap. Midwives all agree that you should only ever use a drinking water quality hose for filling your pool and never a garden hose. The chemicals present in garden hoses are similar to the ones found in generic liners or plastic sheeting. Remember that you are using warm water in your birth pool. Warm water will draw chemicals out of the plastic faster than cold water could. Even if you get out before you birth, your skin will be absorbing whatever is present in the water and this will affect your baby via your blood stream and then your breast milk. All our Original liners are free of phthalates, cadmium, lead and latex. They are also Eco-Friendly.

Plastic sheet vs Fitted Liner

  • A Perfect Fit:  Original liners fit the birth pools perfectly. They have pockets for the handles, space for the seat and cup holder as well as being rounded to fit into the bottom of the pool. A good fit will mean less irritation for you during your labour whilst moving around in the pool. There won’t be any folds to get your feet or hands trapped in, there is less chance of the liner shifting about under-foot and it will be easy to find a handle when you need it. Most mums find that they have little patience during labour for being uncomfortable, so this can mean the difference between enjoying your time in the water OR finding the folds etc unbearable and getting out sooner than you would like.


  • Durability: The added thickness from the original Liners add to the strength of the birth pool. It protects the pool further. Most generic liners and plastic sheeting is too thin to be of much use, the chemicals used in them may even damage the pool!


  • Hygiene: A liner is recommended for each use of your birth pool for hygiene purposes. Liners are clean and relatively sterile if used from it’s original unopened plastic wrapping. Generic liners and plastic sheets do not offer the same hygienic benefits.


  • Easy clean up: Because original liners are a good fit, they protect the pool from any leakage. Clean up is a breeze. Simply empty the pool then dispose of the liner. Because generic liners and plastic sheets are unfitted, they provide little to no protection against water leaking into the pool or even onto your floor. Generic liners usually have a seam through the middle, this seam may leak or break. During clean up they are also more likely to leak and less likely to hold any bits of debris contained.

From our perspective the toxic chemical factor is reason enough to spend a little more on an original liner. A water birth is not something you will experience every day and going that little bit further in protecting your new baby and offering them a healthy, non-toxic start to life is so worth it!!

Mum’s who choose to home birth are pretty savvy about protecting their baby from toxic exposure during those 9 months in the womb and will most definitely want to protect them during the birth as well.

It is definitely worth asking your midwife which liner she uses if you are planning on using her pool. If she uses plastic sheeting or a generic liner, you could purchase your own original liner for use during your birth instead.

Generic vs Fitted Liner