Birth Pool in a Box Instructions

Instructions for how to use your Birth Pool in a Box for home or water births. How to inflate the birth pool? How warm should the water be for water birth? How to set up a birth pool? How to use a birthing pool for water birth?What should the water temperature be for water birth? Buy a Birth pool in a Box for your home or water birth here!

Remember to do a practice set-up of your birth pool hire at 37 weeks to familiarise and check it. How long does it takes to fill a birth pool – depends on your hot water system. The Birth pool in a Box takes more water than the Eco La Bassine Birth Pool so it will take longer to fill. This can be from 30min to 2.5hrs. To speed up the filling when short on hot water, heat water on stove and add this hot water to the pool, taking care that the woman is out of the pool and POUR THE HOT WATER AWAY FROM THE SIDES OF THE POOL. Check the temperature of the water with a bath thermometer.

You should always use an original non-toxic birth pool liner each time you use the Birth pool in a Box.  Emptying the birth pool is easy when using a water pump included in the birth pool hire kit. We also have debris nets to clean the pool before emptying.

Check out this handy Instructions for setting up your Birth Pool in a Box:
12 Steps to Success with your Birth Pool in a Box.
Things to do before labour begins
Setting up your Birth Pool in a Box
Filling the birthing pool
Emptying the birthing pool
Cleaning and packing away your Birth pool in a Box