Autumn home birth in New Zealand 2018

Here is a lovely home birth story shared with us recently:
“With my first birth I had my son in hospital with no drugs and a lovely water birth. I loved having the pool but found myself really homesick after having him and looking back I should have just come home to recover. With that being said we were not living in our own home at the time so it was lovely having the space.
Second time around I knew home is where I wanted to be. Well home was in full renovations and we were living at my mum’s so I wasn’t sure if we would be in our house by the time baby came. I contacted Sindy at 38 weeks and she was amazing to deal with an I was in luck she had one pool left for me. It was sent so quick and everything was so easy to set up.
So we moved back home at 39weeks and I was ready to have baby.
It was a Sunday 2pm, my son an partner had been doing firewood which I had been helping. I came in to have a shower an felt a niggle and then just didn’t feel right. I said to my partner I think I’m going to have the baby today which he laughed as I was very normal. With that being said he dropped our son at my in-laws  (who live on the same property).
I called the midwife at 3pm at this stage things had progressed quick my contractions were 3 minutes apart lasting 45 seconds.
Midwife arrived at 4pm she checked me I was 3cm but she could tell I was moving very quick. My partner an mum were instructed to fill the pool up and the second midwife was called.
Got in the pool which was amazing but had to hop out for a few checkups and my waters were broken as her heart rate was high. I couldn’t wait to get back in the pool and once I did the pushing began. The water is such an amazing relief on all that pressure.
It all went very quick and our darling girl all of 8.6pounds was born at 6.04pm.

Being in our home has been so incredible especially with our son bonding with our new baby. Recovery has been so relaxing and a lot quicker. If you are thinking of a home birth I  would highly recommend it. Birth is such a special experience and I felt so protected in my own environment.”

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